Educator Membership

Thank you for visiting our site and for your interest in supporting this important project.

If you are unable to contribute articles or historical material, but would still like to help see this project grow, consider becoming a member at TSHA. Members are the lifeblood of our organization and fund not only this project, but the dozens of others we manage at TSHA, such as our programs for students and teachers, our print publications and eBooks, and our meetings and special events.

To celebrate the launch of the Handbook of Texas Women Project we are offering special membership bundles and highlighting our special K-12 Educator membership. At the $120 level, you will receive one of our best books on Texas women’s history, Women and Texas History: Selected Essays in addition to the benefits shared by all members, including:

  • The Southwestern Historical Quarterly – You will receive all four issues of the premier source of scholarly research on Texas history each year you are a member. Read original articles on political trailblazers, such as Barbara Jordan and Miriam Ferguson, as well as pioneers in business, such as Enid Justin.
  • Access to the TSHA Digital Library — You will gain immediate access to our full library of Texas history content written and produced over the past twelve decades. This includes our popular Texas Talks series, featuring engaging webinars on Texas women in politics and the stories of Texas pioneer women. You are also able to access more than sixty online editions of the Texas Almanac, more than 100 volumes of Quarterly, and all current and future eBooks.
  • The Riding Line Newsletter—This content-packed newsletter is sent four times a year and will keep you up-to-date on local historical happenings, recent publications, and other resources that TSHA produces for our members and the public at-large.

If you join at the $250 level, you will not only receive the above membership benefits, you will also get our special Women in Texas History Bundle, which features Women and Texas History, Ima Hogg, Women in Early Texas, Mistress of Manifest Destiny, and Texas, Her Texas.

K-12 educators are eligible for a special $35 membership rate that includes the shared benefits above, but also includes a flex-bound edition of the Texas Almanac 2018-2019 in lieu of the subscription to the Quarterly.